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Conditioning & Nutrition Links

Climbing Anchor Links

Web Sites


  • YouTube - A short video demonstrating how to build an equalized anchor.

Weather Links

Belaying Links

Web Sites


Climbing Knots Links

  • Animated Knots - An excellent web site that uses animation to demonstrate tying climbing knots.
  • Indoor Climbing - An excellent introduction to basic climbing knots.
  • Wikipedia - Wikipedia's climbing knots page.
  • Spadout Knots - This web site uses pictures to demonstrate how to tie climbing knots.
  • Climbing Knots for Beginners - A short article about the different categories of climbing knots and what they're typically used for.

Miscellaneous Links

  • Estimating Time Before Sunset - An easy way to estimate how long before the suns sets below the horizon.
  • Expert Tips - Expert tips on a variety of topics from the American Alpine Institute.
  • Mtnguide - Find adventure guides all over the world.
  • PsychoVertical - Extensive list of articles and links about Alpine climbing.
  • Peakware Mountain Encyclopedia - An extensive database containing information about peaks all over the world.
  • - Canadian Mountain Encyclopedia - Encyclopedia to provide maps, trails, trip reports, road bulletins and photos for hiking and mountaineering. Covers all Canada and USA.
  • VirtualCascades - VirtualCascades features vivid mountain photography, virtual climbs, live wilderness web cameras, links to top mountain web sites, and much more.
  • Alpinist - Alpinist is one of the best magazines about alpine climbing.
  • Northwest Mountaineering Journal - The mission of the Northwest Mountaineering Journal is to be an edited, permanent, annual record of mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest. The journal documents the events, people, history and spirit of climbing and other mountain sports in this region. The journal is published by volunteers from the mountaineering community in collaboration with The Mountaineers.
  • Technical Alpine Climbing for Two-Person Teams - An online book about alpine climbing.
  • Body Results - Training and conditioning for climbing

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