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Glacier Travel

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Introduction to Glaciers

A glacier is a perennial mass of snow or ice that is large enough and heavy enough to flow, like a very thick fluid.

Glacier Features

Common characteristics of glaciers and common terminology used in reference to glaciers.

Crevasse Rescue

In the event of a crevasse fall, you’ll need to have the equipment, skills, and knowledge to quickly perform a rescue, while working without outside help or resources. Speed is important to treat any injuries and to avoid the risk of hypothermia to the victim. Self sufficiency is a requirement because of remote locations and uncertain communications in the backcountry.

Rope Travel

Crevasses can be difficult to detect and are frequently invisible under thin bridges of blown snow. Many of these bridges may be only a few inches thick and will not support the weight of a person or a vehicle. Roped travel is a necessity in any glaciated area which has not been previously inspected and deemed safe. However, do not assume that a previously traveled and marked route is safe. Glaciers are moving by their very definition and new crevasses can open up at any time. Known routes should be periodically inspected.

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