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Climbing Knots

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Knots, Bends and Hitches

The "knots" we use as mountaineers actually include a variety of knots, bends and hitches.

Basic Mountaineering Knots

Assuming that you're sensible enough to follow an experienced climber until you've mastered the skills, there aren't many knots that you need to know to get started climbing mountains. It's important that you master the essentials though. You need to be able to tie these basic knots quickly, in the dark, while wearing mittens.

Climbing Knots Links

  • Animated Knots - An excellent web site that uses animation to demonstrate tying climbing knots.
  • Indoor Climbing - An excellent introduction to basic climbing knots.
  • Wikipedia - Wikipedia's climbing knots page.
  • Spadout Knots - This web site uses pictures to demonstrate how to tie climbing knots.
  • Climbing Knots for Beginners - A short article about the different categories of climbing knots and what they're typically used for.

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