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Basic Avalanche Awareness

Avalanches can occur in any situation where snow, slope and weather conditions combine to create proper conditions. To learn more about avalanche awareness consider attending professional courses, reading and experience.

Probing for Avalanche Victims

Probing offers the advantage of requiring simple equipment that can be operated by personnel with no previous training. Although the probers do not need previous training the search leader must be familiar with the technique to ensure proper execution of the probe line.

Avalanche Search and Rescue

Survivors at the avalanche site organize into the first rescue team and immediately start rescue operations. If any indication of the location of the victim is found, random probing starts in that vicinity. The tip and edges of the slide are also likely areas to search. A human body is bulky and is apt to be thrown toward the surface or the sides.

Avalanche Safety

Avalanches occur when the weight of accumulated snow on a slope exceeds the cohesive forces that hold the snow in place. Using an avalanche hazard evaluation checklist like the one below ensures that you have covered your bases when evaluating a given slope.

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